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“I want to share my creativity with the world in big ways, creating space for inclusion, learning, growth and healing.”

Meet Stacey Lucas, Veggie Art Girl.  This talented, enthusiastic, and caring artist is very well know, and popular here in the White Mountains and Lakes Region.  Her art work can be seen far and wide in commercial applications such as the Common Man Restaurants, Artistic Roots, and Plymouth State University, just to name a few.

But, the main reason we love to talk about Stacey is because her artwork adorns our newest hard cider release, our Traditional Hard Cider.  We contacted Stacey to provide us with 4 pieces of art that we could proudly display on our new cider.  So glad we did.  What she came up with is outstanding.  You’ll have to grab a bottle to see for yourself.

If you wanted to go see more of Veggie Art Girl’s creations in person, you’d want to visit her Fig Tree Gallery in Ashland, NH and her new store, Fig Tree North opening this cider season in North Woodstock, NH.  There you can not only buy some artwork, but you can get inspired to help this Veggie Art Girl change the wold, one Peace of Art at a time.

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Rhythm Traditional Hard Cider

label artwork by Stacey Lucas, Veggie Art Girl