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Original Hard Cider – Artist Focus

By January 12, 2021January 14th, 2021Label Artists
Meet the artist:

Jocelyn LaClair

The Great Story Of Our Original Artist

Career artist?  Professional painter?  Not even close.  Jocelyn is actually a neuroscience major at the University of New England in Maine.  But, clearly, this talented young lady has an undeniable skill for the canvas.

Like all of our cider labels, her works of art were chosen for their creativity.  All 4 of the works were created while she was only in high school, most as part of school art projects.  Never did she think she would have them featured on an alcoholic beverage, which she is not even old enough to drink!

We say, skip neuroscience, stick with your night job…. art!

Jocelyn LaClairOriginal Hard Cider Label Artist

Original Artwork

This original painting of Antelope Canyon in Arizona was inspired by a family trip to that special place.  Antelope Canyon is said to be one of the most photographed places on earth.  This oil pastel painting is so incredibly lifelike, it’s uncanny.

Antelope Canyon Original Antelope Canyon Bottle
Bottle Art

This is what it looks like when you take a masterpiece and add it to a shiny glass of hard apple cider.  The colors just pop on this label, which has become one of the best selling bottles on the shelf.

Original Artwork

Here is the original piece for the skeleton that now adorns our bottle labels.  Yup, it was originally done as a charcoal and graphite.  Inspiration came from anatomy class for this unbelievably lifelike drawing of a skeleton.  

Skeleton Charcoal Drawing Skeleton Bottle
Bottle Art

Add some color, flip it over, make it fit on the bottle and voila!  Beautiful piece of bottle art.  We love that creativity was layered on top of creativity for this piece.  The colors are amazing and this bottle literally hits you to the core.

Original Artwork

The sky is an artist’s delight.  Jocelyn is constantly looking to the sky, whether for bright sunset colors or fluffy cloud textures. She chose to paint this acrylic piece because it takes both of these aspects and reflects them onto a calm summer ocean.

Bottle Art

We think that having a cider at sunset with a view of the ocean sounds great!  Even if you are landlocked, this bottle label will bring you to a better place.  If you thought this was a sunrise, we can live with that too.

Original Artwork

Jocelyn’s oil pastel painting of this betta fish is simply stunning.  How colorful.  How real.  What is more beautiful, the fish or the painting?  You decide. 

Bottle Art

Why not put a fish on a bottle of cider?  When we said we wanted to embrace creativity, we did just that.  This bottle design is our best selling; we think that it is one of the most colorful and attractive yet.