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Blueberry Hard Cider Bottle 4
Bridget Powers
B Powers Card
Blueberry Jewelry 1
Blue Marble 1
Blueberry Hard Cider Bottle 3
Blueberry Hard Cider Bottle 2
Blueberry Jewelry 2
Bridget Powers Earrings
Jewelry 3
Blueberry and B Powers
Blueberry Hard Cider Bottle 1
Blue Crystal Jewelry
Green Swirl
Bridget Family
Meet the Artist

Bridget Powers

This local talent spends her days working with kids as a speech pathologist.  In her free time she is a super-creative, free-spirited, and fun person with an eye for color and a skill to match.

She creates this eye-catching, and very popular jewelry that is sold in many stores around the area.  Earrings, necklaces, greeting cards and more!

Her blueberry-colored jewelry is the inspiration for our Hard Blueberry Apple Cider and as such, she gets to be our label artist for this variety.   Pictures just don’t do it justice.

Visit the B Powers Designs Website

Blueberry Hard Apple Cider